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Benefits of Physic Activity

Benefits of Physic Activity

Before going in depth into the stable exercise you have to know the general aspects of the physic qualities which you must work to have your body and mind healthy according to the proverb: “Mens sana in corpore sano”) .

To achieve it, firstly, the cardiovascular work or resistance takes place, then, muscular strength activity goes on.  The first exercise is an activity to improve the blood distribution in our organism and the reducing of the number of heart beats when we realize some movements.

The strength activity can be defined as a capacity of realizing an action which changes our body condition or other object or body. These kinds of exercises have to be realized by people of different ages adapting the training, obviously, to our physic capacity.

Both activities have to be planned and developed according to the pursued aims (weight loss, body toning, muscular increasing, shape maintaining, recovering from any lesion or injuring, etc.)

Although everybody knows that physic activity is beneficial for us, it is convenient to know what benefits are. They are:

  • Revitalize and you will have less fatigue in your routine life.
  • Reduce mortality possibilities and avoid risks of some illnesses (coronary, hypertension, obesity, depression, etc.)
  • Improve the body composition reducing fat percentage.
  • Help to maintain the bone mass.
  • Optimize the body position stretching the back and avoiding body decompensation.
  • Elevate mood because we free endorphins, “happiness hormones”.


The inactivity is a problem for the health. Within a short term you do not feel it but some day you begins to feel tired when you climbs stairs or you realizes that you can hardly run following your children and you feels old.  Avoid it doing sport: you will receive a quality life.

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