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Chemical Peelings

Chemical Peelings


Chemical peeling is the use of chemicals on the skin to renew its layers and thus be able to remove flaws and promote a uniform colour. The peeling makes the wrinkles decrease and the skin rejuvenate and hydrate.

Peels are used to correct fine, medium or deep wrinkles, to treat acne, photoaging, skin aging, sagging skin, oily skin, skin spots and actinic queractosis. Various acids are normally used: glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, trichloroacetic acid, phenol ... The acid chosen will result in different degrees of exfoliation. Depending on their depth they are classified as superficial, medium and deep.

Superficial and medium peels are performed in an outpatient medical consultation, while the deep ones must be performed in the hospital with a stay of three or four days. The most often used are the superficial and medium ones, as they have good results and few side effects

The use of peeling as a facial rejuvenation method has advantages over other procedures because it can be used on any skin type and in any part of the body.Moreover, it is very quick to perform (30 minutes), the effects are immediate, it produces a great satisfaction in the patient and it is inexpensive (from 60 to 80 €)

Superficial peels (retinoic acid) are used to improve the overall condition of the skin and increase brightness. Medium peels (glycolic acid) are used to correct fine wrinkles: upper lip and crow's feet. Deep peels (phenol and TCA) are used to correct deep wrinkles and acne scars.

The number of sessions varies according to the pathology to be treated, how serious it is and each patient’s individual features. Peels to bring brightness or superficial peels are carried out in about six sessions every two weeks every two or three years. Medium peels are carried out every two months during a year. Deep peels are made once a year. After each peeling session it is important to avoid sun exposure for two or three months. We have to mention that in some skins there is a risk to produce a type of permanent pigmentation so they must be applied by experienced doctors and after making a good choice of the acid depending on personal experience.

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