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Circuit- training

Circuit- training

It is a method or sport training system which consists on realizing a determined number of exercises with a minimal period of the rest between them. A number of determined repetitions or time are executed, 60%-70% of intensity of person’s maximum effort level for each exercise. It is a very efficient programme because included apparatus or stations’ use is being distributed I. Also it is ideal for those who have little time to exercise physically.
One of the main aims of this system is to improve the cardiovascular resistance and general physical shape. The programmes in the short circuit (from 8 to 20weeks duration) increase the VO2máx (Oxygen maximum consumption).
Initially, this method used to be for team sports to work the strength in a short period adapted for a person physical level. However, nowadays, it is one of the most used systems.
The using material is: TRX, Fit ball, coordination ladders, aerobic apparatus such as oar, elliptical apparatus, walking or running belt, rubber, guide machines, ,” bosus”, medical balls
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