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We are going to speak about the training “Core” or nucleus but I would like to introduce the term functional training which is intimately tied with this kind of exercises. This kind of training (functional training) is currently being more popular. Used to the evolution of the training which enables us to buy a new and expensive material, this training has been appeared with a contrary concept to the tendency of many sport centres. This training is oriented to improve the clients physic capacities to achieve better efficiency and, above all, to improve in the routine life activities being this activity 100% transferable to the routine people activity.
The functional training is based on three principles of the specificity: mechanical or movement, coordinated, and the energy uses a specific methodology to orient all the exercises which challenge the different components of the nervous system to improve the neurological aspects which affect the functional capacity achieving the stimulation its adaptation.
From the functional point of view “we must training in the centre and then mobilize other sides”, that is why we have to train our core. A good central stabilization and good muscular balance of our nucleus provides us a security to reach the most efficient movement with our most distal elements, e.g. the extremities, thus, we have to highlight a central training above a concrete execution.
The scholars agree that the nucleus plays an important role either in the athletic movements or in the routine life. It is demonstrated that the trunk flexing (abdominals) and the back stretching exercises are not the most efficient to achieve a stable and strong core.
How can we define the nucleus or core. “It is a power zone where we find our centre of gravity and where all the movements start, the energy is generated there in addition to the repercussion in the balance, stability and coordination during any movement” (Modified from Handzel, 2003).
This nucleus is made up of combination of  muscular groups which support the lumbar-pubis-hip complex to stable the spinal column, the pubis and kinetic hip during the functional movement; they are: Abdominal transversal, internal and external oblique, multifidus, column erector, iliopsoas, femoral biceps, adductors, major gluteus and abdominal and abdominal rectum.
As we have said, these muscles are in charge to maintain body position coordinating muscular actions reaching either static stability or dynamic one.
  • To increase the power: if we count on a strong and stable nucleus we will reach the energy to be generated and it can be distributed efficiently through the kinetic chain to develop an efficient result. We can consider this power essential to achieve a sport performance.
  • To improve the efficiency and stability: the biggest body muscles are connected with column or pelvis; when we work a core we strengthen a union point and we achieve to make them more stable what will have an effect on the most efficient movement.  
  • To improve equilibrium: the core helps to maintain a spinal column stability and pelvis while we do a concrete exercise, e.g. with extremities, kick the ball, a throw to the basket in suspen, jumping over obstacles of athletics, etc.
  • To reduce lesión risks: a weak neucleus can provoke lesions in the extremities, if we reach a stable and strong  core, we achieve to reduce lesions because of improving a balance in the sport practice. The core absorption during any sport movement is very important to avoid lesions, if we have an insufficient core the absorption, for example, in an impact after a jump will be suffered by our articulations without avoiding being injured.
  • It improves neural adaptations: we will achieve a muscular recruitment more efficient, reaching a more quick nervous activation, it is essential to reach a physic performance.
  • We reduce a fat mass of the mid zone, “core” through innovator exercises and not abdominal conventional exercises.
If after these advantages of the core training exposed here you still do not think how you can train the core, this article goal is failed; on the other hand, all people who used to train I recommend them our nucleus because they will observe how this training will help them in all routine exercises, sport  or life activities.
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