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Taking a few simple steps to lead a healthier lifestyle can help patients to feel better about their bodies, and one of these steps may be the use of Endermologie-LPG.

Endermologie-LPG is a therapeutic massage treatment with technical equipment, which, along with a healthy and balanced diet, moderate exercise and sufficient water intake, will make us be much fitter throughout the year and receive the summer with a better figure.

Endermologie-LPG is a non-invasive, therapeutic massage aided by technical equipment which, in just a few weeks helps you to eliminate or reduce your cellulite, tone your skin and ultimately reshape your silhouette. During the treatment you will benefit from a general welbeing for its anti-stress effect and the improvement of heavy legs.

The objective of Endermologie-LPG on connective tissue is to activate venous and lymphatic circulation by means of winding, vacuuming and unwinding the skinfold, making fat ready for lipolysis, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving skin condition. Along with the beneficial effect of reshaping your body and losing the volume in specific areas, as well as avoiding sagging skin, a gentle exfoliation occurs due to the mechanical application of the device, and skin blood flow and lymphatic drainage are stimulated.

During the treatment there is a pink tone of the skin that may persist for up to 30 minutes after it, which it totally normal. This treatment is never performed directly on the skin, but the patient puts on a special personal outfit , which makes the treatment more pleasant to the patient's skin and facilitates the sliding of the treatment heads thus increasing the results (more intense treatment, faster results).

The duration of each massage session will range between 35 and 40 minutes. The number of Endermologie-LPG sessions can vary, so it is recommended to get some previous information at a first free visit to El Palasiet Thermal Centre. It is the ideal treatment to lose volume and improve the texture of your skin without pain. Just get ready to put on your bikini and enjoy your holidays.


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