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Exercise to lose weight

Exercise to lose weight

After familiar Christmas holidays accompanied with very complete meals and the arrival of summer make us wake up will power to lose weight, do we know how to do It? 

Diet and physic exercises are clues to fulfil our aim but what kind of physic activity do we need?
Everybody knows that aerobic/cardiovascular exercise (less intensity and more duration) is necessary to lose weight but not many are conscious that these exercises with toning work are more efficient. In addition, we recommend the combination of both activities.
When we start a weight loss diet, normally we lose a body volume and consequently, in many cases, it produces the flaccidity in different parts of our body. To lose weight and maintain good body image at the same time, we must introduce the toning training known as “cardio” as well as diet.   
Aerobic exercise will help us to accelerate the metabolism and it will increase a caloric consumption. Appropriated diet accompanied with exercise will help us to lose little by little this fat we have because el organism will be nourished by them to give us energy.
The practice of toning exercises with weights will help us to maintain the musculature strong and defined as well as we maintains our metabolism active even with caloric consumption in repose because the muscle needs more energy to maintain it more than fat. 
After prior explaining of everything we have to combine both types of training to achieve some positive results because they are exercises of aerobic and toning without excluding each other but they close us to reach fast our aim.
From the Institute of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet we propose you the training in tour realizing cardiovascular exercise before and after the toning. 
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