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Facial mesotherapy with vitamins

Facial mesotherapy with vitamins


In the range of facial rejuvenation, apart from botox and hyaluronic acid, facial mesotherapy with vitamins is also very effective. This technique is harmless, fast and very easy to apply by the doctor.

Facial mesotherapy with vitamins consists of very superficial microinjections on the skin in the areas most affected by aging: face, neck, cleavage and hands. The composition of the injected products is vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, antioxidants, molecules with plenty of hydration effect and the capacity to repair the cell damage caused by external agents such as the sun, the wind, the pollution, tobacco.... They are substances that fight the loss of water and other elements of the cells, as they can hydrate and stimulate the cell cycle. This way, it is possible to  efficiently restore the shine and freshness to the skin.

The first step of facial mesotherapy with vitamins is to assess the quality of the patient’s skin, after that, the skin is cleaned deeply. We can apply an anesthetic cream or local cold in the area and then proceed to the microinjection of substances. The patient can resume normal life immediately after the treatment.

Among the advantages of facial mesotherapy with vitamins, we can includehow the face feels rested and rejuvenated, the skin restructures itself and reaffirms its density, the face acquires brightness and uniformity and after the first session the skin looks very hydrated. The number of sessions required will be determined by the doctor, usually ranging from three to five at intervals of fifteen to twenty days.

After the session some bruising or redness may appear, but it does not take long to disappear. You must not be exposed to the sun after the session and you need to use sunscreen. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, during breastfeeding periods, women with active skin infections, with some skin hypersensitivity or allergy to a component of the formula.

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