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Figure special

Figure special


FULL-BODY COCOON: a double-action firming and contour reduction treatment using marine and plant extracts to  encourage fat loss, reduce the appearance of ´orange peel` skin and tone muscle fibre 

SVELT TREATMENT: A 25 minute deep hands-on massage recommended to blitz cellulitis. Drainage and lipolitic products are used to boost blood flow and drain away excess fluid leaving your skin smoother to the touch and improving the ‘orange peel’ effect.

VITALITY TREATMENT: A vigorous 25 minute massage using regenerating and tightening products. The revitalising, energising movements counteract dryness and loss of suppleness.  Your skin looks and feels toned and youthfully firm. 

COMPEX : electrostimulation and re - shaping of the figure 

UTRASOUND: A highly recommended 20 minute electrotherapy treatment using high frequency waves.  Improves oxygen supply and reduces localized areas of obesity, thus aiding body remodelling.

LPG-ENDERMOLOGY: mechanical massage which helps to eliminate cellulites, achieving a visible improvement in body shape and  mass

PRESSOTHERAPY: specially inflated pressure cuffs massage different parts of the body using a computer controlled compression  system.  Recommended for the treatment of cellulites, extra-cellular fluid clearance and alleviates leg fatigue whilst enhancing skin tone.

"TMT SYSTEM" - PAIN-FREE MESOTHERAPY: electro-photoporation technology equipment penetrates down to the deepest layers of the skin.  A state-of-the-art medical aesthetics cosmetic treatment. Active solutions are applied using a roll-on applicator, gently massaged all over the skin enabling a deep penetration of the product.   The system is safe, non-invasive, rapid and highly effective .

  • Anti-cellulite lymphatic Drainage programme
  • Localised cellulites programme
  • Firming programme
  • Anti–stretch mark programme
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