Timetables of thermal center: From monday to saturday: Morning from 8:30h to 14:30h and in the afternoon from 16h to 20h. Sunday: Morning from 9h to 14h, in the afternoon from 16h to 20h.
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Hairdressing service

Hairdressing service



  • Shampoo&Set
  • Shampoo&Blow Dry
  • Shampoo, Blow Dry &Hair Straightening
  • Cut
  • Re-Style
  • Regrowth Root Retouch
  • Full Head Tint
  • Highlights
  • Colour&Highlights
  • Semipermnet Colour
  • Bleaching


  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Highlights


All treatments include corresponding massage

  • Anti-dandruff Treatment (for scalps with dandruff) Helps eliminate dandruff and control psoriasis
  • Oil-free hair Treatment (for oily scalp or hair) Refreshing effect and controls excess oils
  • Sensitive Treatment (for sensitive or irritated scalps) Balances the ph level of hair, reducing skin irritation, calming 
  • Stimulating Treatment (for weak hair or hair loss) Strenthens and stimulates hair follicles to prevent hair loss
  • HydratingNutritive Treatment (for dry and damaged hair) Moisturises and provides nutrition
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