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Health tourism

Health tourism and Healthy Tourism

Since the immemorial times people wanted to travel to other places different from their dwellings looking for the health, more benign climate, and the primitive Health Tourism was satisfied by water doses, which took its identity from the XVIII century supported by fundamental factors, advance and scientific interest in developing of more effective therapies to fight against chronicle illnesses, and, on the other hand, the growth of the bourgeoisie class with greater purchasing power.
All the European coasts began filling littoral Cities Resorts, also offering increasingly more sophisticated installations to provide complex treatments of Thalassotherapy based on the water. It is a parallel movement with a realized in the destinies with medicinal waters.
Nowadays, we live in a culture where the society has assumed a new conscience of health, with more preventive character; we encourage a diet based on dietary concepts which improve our nutrition, we know our necessity to have an active and less sedentary life, we eliminate all the harmful habits for our health such as smoking or excessive alcohol drinking, we have a new behavior of Well-being.
The consequence joint to the important medical advances means that the life expectancy of our western society is increasing and it is reaching the levels which have been difficult to achieve some years ago, the born people in the XXI century will reach a life expectancy of more than one hundred years, whereas their ancestors of the XX century had just achieved the age of 45 years old.
Thus, it cannot be confused health tourism where the aim of the holiday or the trip is to realize therapies and specific treatments to improve the health state as well as the establishment like El Palasiet, within the Thalassotherapy, has been realizing an intensive activity since 1970.  The health tourism almost offered in every destiny and every competitive establishment based on surroundings and services which encourage healthy behavior such as doing exercises, health nutrition and health style of life.
Precisely, Castellon Coast of Azahar destiny has chosen this attribute to identify itself to attract the increasing number of visitors and foreign residents who choose our area to live and to travel; the Mediterranean diet, the climate, an extraordinary natural surroundings and  existing infrastructures make up a competitive base but many aspects have to be improved: the urban surroundings, some of them are degraded, to extend the garden areas, to design new infrastructures and, above all, to encourage everybody’s interest and  demand  either among the tourists or residents including the businessmen involved into the process of the development of the tourism and the rest of economical areas.
Joaquín Farnós de los Santos 
President of Spanish Thalassotherapy Society
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