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Health nutrition talk

Health nutrition talk

Revealing the Mediterranean Diet excellence through the week conferences the themes related with the nutrition as well as the needs to eliminate bad habits changing them by healthy diet.
According to our experience and our good work, many clients are loyal to the centre and they repeat every year their visit to our establishment that is why we offer them interesting resources such as different talks to give the best quality. 
This service is available for the external clients who have curiosity to learn about it. Ask for information in our reception. 
Some of the conferences realized are: 
Basic talk. It is about Mediterranean Diet birth, the pyramid of food, why we have to eat every group of nourishments and what quantity to eat. It gives tools how to cook a healthy menu at home. 
What does get us fat more: wine or beer? Is a light food has calories? Does fruit get fat less if we eat it before the main plate?... We analyze all these questions because many people ask them.
3d Talk: DIET OF THE GLYCEMIC INDEX The importance of fibre.  Sweeteners
This talk tries to explain us the functions of the fibre and the importance of the absorption of the nutrients, how the nutrients of the low glycemic index respond better to control the obesity.  It is supported visually with products bought in the supermarket to show that many times we do not read properly the labels. Also we speak about the sweeteners: do you know that some soft-drinks Light we have in Spain are not permitted to sell in other countries because some sweeteners permitted here are prohibited in other countries? 
4th talk: I WANT TO BURN FAT!
We talk about how we can do exercises to enable the weight loss: do you know that when we run and we feel a lack of breath, we Do not burn fat. To burn this energetic substratum (and realize a Krebs cycle) we need oxygen and if we realize so strong exercise “we feel suffocated”, it will be a glycogen or even a muscle we burn in spite of the fat we want to burn. 


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