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Yoga iyengar

Yoga iyengar

In Iyengar Yoga, we learn to control our mind through physical and breathing exercises, thereby enhancing concentration, emotional stability and mental clarity.

The method of Iyengar Yoga enhances precision in each of the actions necessary to build each asana (posture) thoroughly through maximum observation of the body and concentration of the mind. This way body and mind come together in perfect harmony to lead us to the experience of meditation in action.
The secret to quality in the teaching of Iyengar Yoga is the high level of training received by the teachers, both technically in their  personal practice, as when observing and correcting the students, and at the therapeutic level in order to know and decide what is convenient and adequate for each person’s welfare and improvement. Yoga has to be practiced very cautiously and paying attention to the proper alignment which will then produce the desired benefits.
Iyengar Yoga’s Benefits:
  • strain, fatigue
  • muscle toning
  • agility, flexibility
  • postural correction
  • anti stress, anxiety
  • emotional stability
  • insomnia, depression
María Igual is an expert in the art of Iyengar Yoga, as she has qualified by training in various parts of the world like Miami, London, Singapore and India, where she was taught by the most respected BKS yoga master in the world: Director Ramamani Iyengar at the Memorial Yoga Institute, where the term Iyengar Yoga was coined.
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