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Packages hotel with thalassotherapy

Packages hotel with thalassotherapy


Thalassotherapy is a medically recognized concept which is included within the therapeutic techniques and procedures of hydrotherapy. The meaning of Thalassotherapy comes from Thalasso=sea water and Therapia=cure. Seawater has therapeutic virtues mainly because of its composition, whose chemical and physical properties are used to perform techniques which optimize its beneficial effects for the treatment of different conditions. In our Institute of Thalassotherapy, medical prescription is essential in order to select the most suitable treatment for each of our customers. In addition, the experience and reliability of our qualified staff - doctors, physiotherapists, assistant nurses, massage therapists, beauty specialists and dieticians - guarantee the successful performance of these treatments.

Included in all weekly treatments:

  • 8 days/7 nights full board.
  • Medical consultation.
  • Blood test.
  • 6 Biomarine Circuit sessions
  • 6 Aqua Gym sessions
  • 6 Group Gym sessions
  • 6 Fitness sessions
  • 6 Walking Pool sessions


  • Healthy Cookery workshop
  • Dietetic and Nutrition talk
  • Tai Chi classes
  • Hikes with a trainer Muscle chain stretching classes

And according to medical prescription, the following appropriate treatments are available:


Treatments adapted to each case. (Nutritionist)

Base therapies and:

  • 6 Hydrothermal bath sessions with algae
  • 3 Massages
  • 2 Electrostimulation sessions
  • 3 Pressotherapy sessions
  • 3 Body treatments (wrap, peeling and body-shaping)
  • 3 Pressure jets or ultrasound therapy sessions
  • 1 Therapeutic, mechanized and sub-epidermic massage (includes outfit)
  • Dietetic Premium Package Note: programme subject to diagnosis and medical prescription.


Preventive and remedial treatment of skin aging.

Base therapies and:

  • 3 Hydrothermal baths with algae
  • 3 Massages
  • 3 Body treatments* (wrap, peeling and body-shaping)
  • 1 Facial treatment *
  • 1 Relaxation session
  • * Please check with our Beauty Therapists.


Specific treatments for customers suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, back ache, fibromyalgia, etc.

Base therapies and:

  • 6 Hydrothermal baths with algae
  • 3 massages Electrotherapy (depending on prescription)


Specific treatments for people who suffer from stress, anxiety and exhaustion...

Base therapies and:

  • 3 Hydrothermal baths with algae
  • 3 massages


Base therapies and:

  • 1 Hydrothermal bath with algae
  • 1 massage


Base therapies and:

  • 1 Hydrothermal bath with algae
  • 1 massage

Note: Base treatments for the one-day and weekend programmes will vary in number depending on the stay. Medical consultation and blood tests are not included.


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