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Physiotherapist Assisted Therapy

Physiotherapist Assisted Therapy


Physical activity in the water is related to health, to facilitate movement and balance, improve muscle strength, rehabilitate injuries, promote body awareness, all this is achieved by using the countercurrent, turbulences and material such as floating tablets and water logs.

At El Palasiet Thermal Centre we offer you physiotherapist-assisted therapy with activities tailored to individual patient requirements according to an initial evaluation by the doctor. Personal attention is given, indicating postures, teaching the movements to be done, correcting, modifying, refining, working towards progress so that the exercises are performed perfectly.

The therapeutic benefits that we are seeking are the following: improving pain and muscle spasm, getting a good relaxation, gaining range of motion, strengthening the atrophied muscles, facilitating ambulation, giving confidence and encouragement.

Aquatic therapies are recommended in cases such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, frozen shoulder, post traumatic or post-operative recovery, disabilities or handicaps, osteoporosis, general asthenia, ligament, muscle or tendon injuries, unsteady gait, balance and / or coordination deficit, musculoskeletal disorders, etc..

Thanks to the numerous properties of water such as buoyancy, resistance offered to movement, the reduction of the force of gravity, heat (35 °), the weight reduction of the body, reducing the impact on joints during exercise, we can get very positive results in rehabilitation which involve the improvement of postural control, the decrease of stiffness and the easier movements, all of which allows us to work out of the water subsequently.

We have found that after recovery many patients, keep attending Acqua Gym sessions regularly in order to stay fit.



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