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One of the most common problems or pathological conditions we usually come across in our consultation is the association of overweight, obesity and fat located in the abdominal area along with a swollen belly.  To mitigate this problem, one of the best treatments is presssotherapy.

Pressotherapy is a medical and aesthetic treatment that uses air pressure to perform lymphatic drainage. Among the benefits of pressotherapy, we would like to emphasize the treatment of edema, the correction of disturbances in the circulatory system and the possibility to reduce cellulite and prevent future cellulite formations.
The pressotherapy treatment is delivered by applying covers or boots (special for pressotherapy) which wrap up the legs, buttocks and abdomen, through which a positive pressure is made on the body which alternates gradually, and that is why it is also called sequential pressotherapy.
Presssotherapy is a therapeutic method used in various medical fields of health and beauty. It is a treatment which helps you to fight cellulite, release toxins and shape your body. It is very effective for removing localized volume when combined with other body treatments.
Pressotherapy is a very relaxing treatment, not aggressive at all, and it takes approximately 45 minutes. It is initially applied on a weekly basis and as we solve the problem we can make a maintenance every two weeks.
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