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Skin bioestimulation

Skin bioestimulation


Skin aging is caused by the degradation of the cells, decreased vascularity, fat atrophy, muscle relaxation, sun exposure, hormonal status, disease, toxic habits, eating habits, medicines and especially tobacco smoking. The signs of skin aging are wrinkles, spots, sagging, loss of texture, shine and radiance of the skin.

SKIN BIOSTIMULATION consists of obtaining a blood sample which is centrifuged,  prepared to provide a platelet-rich plasma and reinjected as microinjections, very shallow, below the patient's own skin. These injected platelets activate the fibroblast’s anabolic functions, making the fibroplast produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These platelets obtained by centrifugation can be injected into any type of tissue. Besides, facial rejuvenation can also be used for the treatment of atrophic or post-traumatic scars, as well as stretch marks. This treatment can be applied on the face, neck, chest, hands and labia majora.

RESULTS are noticeable in two to three weeks being the maximum effect four  weeks after the treatment and with a duration of six months. The skin is brighter, more hydrated, softer and fine wrinkles are greatly improved. There is a great improvement in the texture and quality of the skin. Clinical changes are the following: increase in the thickness of the skin, restoration of skin vitality, recovery of the elastic consistency, improvement of vascular flow and decrease of the effects of cellular oxidation.

THE NUMBER OF SESSIONS will depend on the state of the patient’s skin. Two sessions a year are recommended and it can be done from the age of thirty.

THE PRICE of each skin biostimulation session ranges from 150 to 250 euros.

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