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Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching


The terms personal training and sports coaching, although they may seem the same, they are not at El Palasiet Thermal Centre. Sports Coaching is a broader, more complex term that encompasses the two and goes beyond the achievement of our customers’ training and fitness.

Sports Coaching consists of a personal and individual planning of physical exercise for the client, taking into account each individual feature, prioritizing possible injuries or conditions, availability, schedules, goals...

A good sports planning must consider not only these aspects but also each person’s  type of diet, working life (active or sedentary), personal obligations (family) ... in order to carry out a kind of training which is adapted to the subject. Thus, the training will be highly effective and the time of day in which training is performed will become fully profitable, which will lead to a quicker fulfillment of the goals set.

We believe that a good coach is the one who gradually gets to know his/her customers and plans their sessions taking into account their tastes and motivations. Once the training has been planned, we must do it and here the figure of the coach is paramount, not only by leading a good workout, but also by motivating and encouraging the customer, who, after all, is the one who must have an appropriate level of excitement when training. We try to make them reach this level without being aware of doing so.


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