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Thai Massage

Thai Massage


Thai Massage is a sacred healing technique that combines Buddhist philosophy with the energy approach of the body developed in India and China.

It is transmitted in Buddhist temples as a result of many interesting cultural and religious influences, especially Buddhism. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha is credited with being the founder of Thai Massage, he was Buddha’s friend and physician some 2500 years ago. No information was transcribed and so all that knowledge was orally transmitted from generation to generation. Wat Po Temple in Bangkok is the national center for the teaching and preservation of traditional Thai medicine. Outside the temple there is a collection of stone statues showing several of the classic Thai massage techniques. Until recently it was officially practiced only by monks, but several popular forms of massage were and still are practiced within families, where members gave each other massage. It has been in a process of constant evolution for over 1000 years, and there are differences between the styles of the North and South of Thailand.

In Thai medical theory, our vital energy (Qi) flows through several channels in the body called "Sen". This energy drives all the physical, mental and emotional processes. Any imbalance or blockage can cause pain and disease. Thai massage is a complex sequence of pressure and stretching, it is slow and relaxed, like a passive yoga, and is practiced in a meditative state which is respectful of tradition. Careful application of pressure on the Sen channels helps release stagnant energy, which will make us feel relaxed, happy, vital and free from stiffness and pain.

This massage will help us maintain and improve mobility, flexibility and vital energy, it provides comfort to relieve tension caused by stress, sports, etc.. It harmonizes the psychophysical aspects of human beings. It respects the "rule of no pain “, that is to say the stretching is done within tolerable limits. Thai massage is performed in an environment that provides a state of comfort and warmth. It is performed on a futon and you should wear loose, comfortable clothing during the session

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