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Thermal dictionary

Thermal dictionary


SEAWATER  TOUR: Circuit in the thermal seawater pool at 36 ° C, water beds, cervical jets, lumbar jets, Finnish sauna, steam bath and different types of jacuzzi). Maximum recommended duration 2h.

HYDROTHERMAL BATH or WHIRLPOOL: individual whirlpool baths with seawater, heat graduation of water, water and air jets around the whole body

AQUAGYM: group gymnastics conducted by a monitor inside the thermal pool

MUSCLE TONING: gym, fitness room, cardio-vascular room

ANTI-PHLEBITIS TOUR: thermal pool circuit in seawater at 22 ° C-24 ° C, to activate and improve circulation

ELECTROTHERAPY: various techniques (ultrasound, microwaves ...) used for rehabilitation of muscle or joint injuries 

ELECTROSTIMULATION SESSIONS: muscular preparation technique, with effective action on the pain and injuries as well as including specific programmes to reduce volume and tone muscles

PRESSOTHERAPY: therapy for tired legs, circulatory problems. It uses boots that stimulate circulation by applying controlled pressures on different parts of the body

HYDROTHERMAL BATH  WITH "AROMATHERAPY": individual whirlpool baths with seawater, heat graduation of water , water and air jets around the whole body, enriched with ingredients that provide moments of relaxation, benefiting the skin and eliminating stress.


  • Wraps: wrapping technique or body covering with various materials, seaweed, mud ... different substances that provide vitamins, oligoelements, with beneficial effects on your body.
  • Peeling: aesthetic technique that removes the dead cells of your body, giving your skin a more youthful and smoother aspect.
  • Body shaper: double-action treatment against cellulite which reaffirms skin.

PRESSURE JET: thermal technique which applies a jet of seawater at a given temperature and pressure on the whole body.

ULTRASOUNDS: electrotherapy technique involving the application of a conductive gel with a massage device which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

MICROWAVES: electrotherapy technique that involves the application of heat in a given area

CRANIOFACIAL MASSAGE: wellness massage on scalp and face accompanied by relaxation techniques such as stretching and digitopressure in cervical region, scalp and face.

SPA MASSAGE: Body massage performed with seawater and accompanied by relaxation techniques such as stretching and digitopressure.

PINDASWEDA MASSAGE: vital and stimulating massage with hot herbal tampons and oils. 30min.

AMMA MASSAGE: a wise combination of digitopressure, palm pressure and stretching that stimulates blood circulation and nerve bundles. It is performed on an ergonomic chair and wearing comfortable clothes.

MUSCLE CHAIN  STRETCHING: gymnastics made to improve our muscles

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