Our thermal center will be closed from January 8 to February 3, 2018.
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Tourism Institute of Thalassotherapy of the Palasiet

We understand that tourism means holidays and accommodation organized by people out of their dwelling for more than one day but less than one year to receive any treatment, medical, esthetics or welfare attention, thus, we speak about health tourism.
We can deducted from the above exposed that the Institute of the Thalassotherapy El Palasiet is a centre of thalassotherapy dedicated to the health tourism because its function is to realize health treatments indoor without excluding their clients’ possibilities to enjoy leisure outdoor activities such as excursions, adventure sports, go to the beach, shopping and other classic activities of the conventional tourism.
These websites with tourism information will be published to help our clients to realize as most as possible complete health tourist accommodation in the Institute of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet and in our town, Benicasssim, and in the environment of  Castellón Coast of Azahar
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