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Tourism Castellón Coast of Azahar

Tourism Castellón Coast of Azahar

When a traveler comes to the Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet to realize the treatment of the thalassotherapy he, normally, does not know surroundings of our establishment which convert our province into one of the most appealing destination to discover in the Spanish Mediterranean.

The most relevant characteristics of the province of Castellon - Coast of Azahar are the contrasts between the littoral and the interior of the country because it extends 120 kilometers from the coast with 88 beautiful and peaceful beaches which are transformed into big plains if we go into the inner part and they finish as wild mountains with different natural parks appropriated for all kind of excursions because Castellon is the second province most mountainous in Spain
The soft climate of Castellon is also stood out with soft and warm winters and hot summers where the 18º is the average annual temperature and there are 300 sunny days a year.
The aim of this website is to let our visitors know all kind of tourist alternatives which can be seen with one click to the link Castellon Costa de Azahar tourist info and we resume it the next table:
1. Practical guide 
1.1 Useful information about Castellón
1.2 How to arrive, flights
1.3 Images
2. What to visit
2.1 Cultura
2.2 Excursiones
2.3 Beaches
2.4 Natura
2.5 Gastronomy
3. What to do
3.1 Sports
3.2 Restaurants
3.3 Accommodation 
3.4 Purchase
3.5 Night
3.6 Festivals
3.7 Health tourism
4. Services
4.1 Leisure
4.2 Schedule
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