Timetables of thermal center: From monday to saturday: Morning from 8:30h to 14:30h and in the afternoon from 16h to 20h. Sunday: Morning from 9h to 14h, in the afternoon from 16h to 20h.
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Program according to Medical prescription

Explain us what you need and we will chose a program personalized for you.

Thalassotherapy is a global therapeutic technique indicated for numerous diseases and pathologies, the considerable part of these illnesses have no explicit medical treatments in our centre that is why it is necessary to book an option according to Medical prescription.

The patient provide us with ordinary documentation informing us about his diseases expedited by his general practitioner and by our doctors after previous examination at the arrival when the client will be proposed a personalized exclusive program of thalassotherapy to treat his pathology.

As it is impossible to value previously the programe till the patient will be examined by our medical specialists, the room and diets will be booked and the total price for the accommodation will be determined after a medical visit in our centre.

Ask for information in our application form.

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