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Restaurante Benicàssim El Palasiet

Termas Marinas El Palasiet Hotel is very well known, not only as one of the best thalassotherapy centers in Europe, but also for its healthy and delicious cuisine. At El Palasiet Restaurant, our aim is to prove our customers every day that living a healthy life does not have to be at odds with the pleasure of good food.
In the last few years, a real gastronomic revolution has taken place at our restaurant in Benicassim, springing from the fusion of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with avant-garde healthy culinary techniques. This new trend has been called Well Being cuisine, and both our chef Francisco Clausell and our nutrition expert Irene Domínguez are leading it.
By innovating and offering different services to those generally found in the market, El Palasiet Restaurant has become a point of reference where ALL OUR CUSTOMERS will find what they are looking for.
As a result, we work with specific menus such as:

Restaurant for celiac customers
Restaurant El Palasiet belongs to the “Club de Restauración para celíacos de la Comunidad Valenciana”. El Palasiet has been a gluten-free restaurant for years, and it has been especially committed to its celiac customers, knowing that they find it difficult and challenging to eat out. Therefore, we present you with a daily menu with a selection of gluten-free dishes. Besides, we have specific celiac-friendly products, such as beer, bread, biscuits, pasta, ice-creams… all gluten-free and endorsed by the FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations in Spain). In our cafeteria menu we include a list of products which you can enjoy without any risk. At the restaurant, we advise you to let us know when you book, so that we can offer a customized service.
Heart-friendly restaurant
Palasiet Restaurant is also part of the Valencian Community project for the promotion of heart-friendly menus. This means that 30% of our starters include vegetables as their main ingredient, our excellent olive oil is the main source of fat in our recipes, the presence of fish or lean meats, fresh seasonal fruit, ... ingredients which have been paisnstakingly transformed in order to offer their authentic taste and respect all their properties for the prevention of heart disease.
Vegetarian restaurant

A vegetarian diet, if not well posed, may involve deficiencies in certain nutrients that are traditionally provided by meat or fish in the traditional diet. Therefore, one must be very careful when preparing a vegetarian menu. El Palasiet Restaurant, bearing in mind our vegan customers (strict vegetarians) and our ovo-lacto vegetarian customers, has developed a dietary plan that meets all the basic premises of a balanced diet. We also provide you with a series of recommendations to try to increase the nutritious capacity of your vegetarian diet and ensure that it is as balanced as possible. Ask our staff for our vegetarian dietary plan, which we have designed especially for you. You will find that we offer a rich varied menu providing you with all the nutrients that are essential to keep your body in perfect working order. * Booking is requested 

Light menu restaurant
In each section of our menu (appetizers, starters, main courses and desserts) you will find a selection of dishes with an "L" as in “light”. These dishes are intended for customers who wish to enjoy an excellent cuisine without having to "take home" some extra pounds. Dishes prepared with top quality raw materials, which we process in such a way as to avoid excess fat or sugar.
Dietary restaurant with slimming plans
If you are trying to lose weight as well as take care of your health, at our restaurant in Benicassim you can enjoy a range of diets specifically designed for volume loss. All the dishes included in the diets are carefully chosen and tested to meet specific nutritional parameters, without losing their gourmet touch. * Previous medical consultation is required
Healthy restaurant with specific products for other groups
We also offer products especially designed for diabetic or lactose intolerant customers…
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Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet

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