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During centuries the Greeks  as well as the Romans knew the beneficial effects of the sea water. Nevertheless the word "Thalassotherapy" which comes from the greek word thalasso = sea, and therapy = therapy or cure won´t be used untill halfway through the XIX century by french doctors.

The hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet began its activity as a Talasotherapy center in 1970.  Since then  it has maintained the six basic principles of this discipline: immediate proximity to the sea (what allows the direct extraction and maximum usage of the marine environment attributes), use of natural sea water without chemical treatments, medical supervision, appropriate technical installations, qualified personel and hygenic conditions.

Thalassotherapy is a global technique that contributes to reduce pain in a general sense and provides a considerable improvement in a high number of pathologies, leading to a significant decrease in medicine consumption and shortening the recovery time in certain illnesses.

On the one hand, it is especially recommended for all those medical problems, either chronic or just symptomatically painful, related to muscles, joints and blood circulation, from the curative or preventive point of view.

On the other hand, the sea and the marine environment are exceptionally rich in trace elements and mineral salts that contribute effectively to mitigate the lacks of the human organism, through osmotic processes.

The body esthetics, the mind relaxation, to get a nice figure, to keep physically and mentally fit, all of it without disregarding the sea water properties, make us have a whole range of therapies, treatments and packages aimed at the care of our body, health and beauty.  

Functional rehabilitation for post-traumatic and post-surgical processes, sports orthopedic surgery, breathing re-education and neurological illnesses are particulary appropriate indications due to the sea water physical features, which make it especially suitable for carrying out hydrocinesitherapy techniques. (physical workout in seawater).

Thalassotherapy fights effectively against painful processes, and it is particularly  recommended for those who suffer from rheumatism, chronic rheumatism, osteoporosis, vertebral problems and phlebology (peripheral circulatory problems).


Besides, we can point out the following specialities and related pathologies:

  • Dermatology: psoriasis, eczmatous illnesses
  • Gynecology: puberty and menopause problems


As special treatments linked to daily activity we can indicate the following:

  •  Convalescence after illnesses or surgical operations
  •  Functional fatigue situations (stress)
  •  Depressive states
  •  Slimming therapies
  •  Beauty and Health treatments


Preventive treatments:

  • Slowing down of ageing process
  • Slowing down of rheumatoid processes
  • Relief and prevention of physical disabilites
  • Anti-smoking habit treatments



  • Infectious states
  • Allergic processes
  • Cancer in progress
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