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Thalassotherapy Services

Thalassotherapy services


The Seawater Tour is our main service in thalassotherapy

The Seawater tour consists of a circuit in a pool of seawater at 36 º C with waterbeds, cervical jets, lumbar jets and different types of jacuzzi. The Finnish sauna, the vaporarium (sea water steam) and the Turkish bath (normal water steam) are also included in this circuit. Maximum recommended duration 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The benefits of seawater are well-known. With the use of marine thermo-hydrotherapy several effects are intended:

  1. Effect of physical action. By the lack of gravity in the pool, a person's weight decreases by 90%, i.e. a person weighing 70 kg only weighs 7 kg within a pool, so he or she can move much more easily.
  2. Effect of thermal action. The effect of thermotherapy when hydrotherapy is applied between 36 º and 42 º produces analgesic effects and muscle relaxation.
  3. Effect of chemical action. Sea water is mineral water par excellence, since it contains all the mineral elements, being its composition almost identical to human plasma under different conditions of isotonicity. With all that plus the vasodilatation caused by the bath temperature, a transcutaneous exchange between seawater and the human body takes place, allowing the penetration through the skin of the various minerals and oligoelements  seawater contains, like calcium, iodine and magnesium, which is highly beneficial to the body especially in the case of rheumatism, exhaustion, revitalization, and so on.

Besides, the Seawater Tour you will also find other thalassotherapy services at Hotel Termas Marinas El palasiet, such as whirlpool baths, jets, the anti-phlebitis tour and the application of sea mud from the area.



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