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Tai chi

Tai chi


One of the activities that we can perform in Benicassim, Spain is Tai Chi Chuan

Although it is a martial art, we should not forget that the philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan did not emerge from the warriors and military, but from the Taoist masters, whose aim was to prolong life and attain immortality. Thus, although Tai Chi Chuan is etymologically linked to boxing, its practice of slow, gentle movements leads us to a moving meditation.

Just as there are other forms of meditation, in which the body adopts a passive role, the physical part in Tai Chi is key, and we should understand it as a union between the mind and the body in movement. The great masters have stressed that the importance of Tai Chi lies in its internal, rather than external form.

Possessing a rich philosophy, often expressed in poetic language, in this practice each movement and position is intensified by our awareness and a serene mood. The interdependence of body and mind, which is one of the foundations of traditional Chinese philosophy, reaches its peak in this discipline.

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