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Weight Loss Programmes

Weight Loss Programmes

In these three slimming programmes El Palasiet’s Thermal Centre offers you the first medical and nutritional information consultations, therefore you will receive a free budget for treatment with no obligation to purchase the said treatment. 
This program combines a dietary treatment, workout coaching and LPG-based aesthetic treatment.
It includes:
• Voucher for 10 LPG sessions.
• 3 consultations to adequate the medical treatment.
• 3 consultations with the food technologist to develop a nutritional plan.
• 10 workout coaching sessions
Five-day programme in which we offer you aesthetic- medical advice, dietary and nutritional counseling, workout coaching sessions and complementary treatments for weight reduction. And the establishment of healthy habits to maintain a balanced fitness.
• 2 medical consultations.
• 2 dietary consultations
• 1 blood test
• 1 dietary lecture
• 5 workout sessions guided by a coach 
• 5 sessions of group gym
• 5 sessions of seawater tour
• 5 sessions of aerobics
• 5 sessions of hot tub with algae
• 2 svelt massages 
• 2 sessions of pressotherapy
• 1 seaweed wrap
• 1 body peeling
Reduce your size in two months by a comprehensive nutritional counseling guided by our food technologist plus a workout counseling  given by our coach.
This programme includes 8 nutrition consultations, in which we will be monitoring your body’s anthropometric profile (fat percentage, lean mass and body fluids) in order to adjust the diet. It also includes 4 sessions with our coach, where you will be provided with persona training, which will be specifically designed for maximum fat loss and muscle toning.
The control of both factors, food and exercise, come together in this programme to successfully achieve an appreciable loss of volume.
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