philosophy PALASIET


For over fifty years now the Palasiet Thalasso Clinic and Hotel have helped its guests have a healthier life. The Palasiet philosophy maintains that this requires only personal commitment, help and inspiration in order to achieve greater physical and emotional well-being.
The Palasiet is in Benicàssim, surrounded by gardens, flowerbeds and woodland facing the Mediterranean Sea, a very special location, with the magnificent Benicàssim bay in the background, which invites you to a full health and wellness experience.

Doctor Joaquín Farnós, pioneer of functional rehabilitation and thalassotherapy, introduced the use of seawater for therapeutic purposes in Spain in 1963. Today, The Palasiet is the leading center of thalassotherapy in Spain and one of the most prestigious centers in Europe in this modality of health tourism.

Palasiet is made up of five pillars on which the Palasiet Philosophy is based: thalassotherapy and natural treatments, medical treatments, nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance. All programs are individually tailored to the needs of each guest.

A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified technical professionals, formed by doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, beauticians, thermal technicians, chefs and cooks, guarantee the correct fulfillment of each treatment program, so that it suits the needs of the guest, making your stay as effective as possible, having the best facilities and an inspiring environment to achieve the renewal of the body, the revitalization of the mind and the restoration of vitality.

Palasiet offers to its clients, both external and stay ones, personalized weight loss programs, therapeutic programs for chronic ailments, detox, fitness and relaxation.

“It´s not just changing your life. It is to lengthen life and live better”.

Dr. Joaquín Farnós