Program designed to obtain the integral well-being, providing a thoroughly purified and  cleansed organism, a rested body and a perfect mental balance adapted to the needs of each  person and under the direction of our multidisciplinary team. 

What does it consist of?


Program of 6 nights, 5 days of treatment


Eliminate toxins and purify the body. 
Strengthen the immune system.
Slow down the negative effects of aging. 
Reduce the levels of heavy metals in your body and oxidative stress.
Promoting the physiological balance.

Diagnosis and Medical Control

General medical consultation at the beginning of the program and upon completion.

Preparation of medical history and general health check-up.

Regular vital sign monitoring.

Nutrition and Eating Plan

General medical consultation at the beginning of the program and upon completion Body composition study by bioelectric impedance.

Nutritional monitoring and control during the stay.

Monitoring and nutritional control during your stay.
Possibility of intermittent fasting.

Sports Consultation and Planning

Functional assessment with personal trainer.

5 Supervised fitness training sessions.

Thalassotherapy Techniques and Specific Treatments

5 Biomarine circuit: access to the hydrotherapy circuit as prescribed (seawater thermal pool,  underwater whirlpool beds, jet seats, cervical jets, lumbar jets, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, marine  vaporarium, Turkish bath).

5 phlebitis circuit.

1 whirlpool bath with seaweed  
1 seaweed wrap.
1 shower pressure jets.

1 reductive massage (25 min).

Seawater treatment.


1 press-therapy session 

Healthy Activities

Healthy nutrition talk.

Healthy cooking class.
Motivation and awareness talk.

Phisical Activities

5 sessions of aquafit or aquatraining *.

5 sessions of group workout.

1 session of muscle chains Terapy 

2 sessions of morning walks.

1 session of pilates.

1 session of yoga.

1 session of relaxation.

*Exercises in a high intensity pool, in an outdoor pool from June to September.

Follow-Up and Results

Medical report on the progress made.

Nutritional report on body composition and its evolution.

Post-stay nutritional recommendation.

Physical condition report, with recommended activities or exercise.

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