Weight loss


Program of 10 nights, 9 days of treatment.

Adapted to each person and staffed with dedicated professionals, this program is intended to minimize  health problems associated to overweight, with the aim of caring for our bodies and improving our life  quality and self-esteem. 

What does it consist of?


To lose weight and volume.
Make positive lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight.

Develop an effective active maintenance routine.
Enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Diagnosis and Medical Control

General medical consultation at the beginning of the program and upon completion.

Preparation of medical history and general health check-up.

Regularly vital sign monitoring.

Comprehensive metabolic panel at the beginning of treatment (with metabolic markers).
Counselling throughout your stay.

Healthy Nutrition and Eating Plan

General medical consultation at the beginning of the program and upon completion

Body composition study by bioelectric impedance.

Nutritional monitoring and control during the stay 

Sports Consultation and Planning

Functional assessment with personal trainer.

Healthy Activities

Healthy nutrition talk.

Healthy Cooking class.
Motivational group session.

Follow-Up and Results

Medical report on progress made. 

Nutritional report on body composition and its evolution.

Post-stay nutritional recommendation.

Physical condition report, with recommended activities and exercise after the stay.

Thalassotherapy and Specific Treatmens

9 Biomarine circuit9 Biomarine circuit9 Biomarine circuit
9 Phlebitis circuit9 Phlebitis circuit9 Phlebitis circuit
4Whirlpool bath with seaweed4Whirlpool bath with seaweed5Whirlpool bath with seaweed
1 Shower pressure jets 2 Shower pressure jets 2 Shower pressure jets 
2 Algae wrap1 Algae wrap1 Algae wrap
3 Reductive Massage (25min)2 Reductive Massage (25min)3 Reductive Massage (25min)
 1 SVELT* massage 25min.1 Body shaper (1 zone-60min)
 1 Body peeling (60 min)1 Body peeling (60 min)
9 Seawater treatment 9 Seawater treatment  9 Seawater treatment 

* Manual massage recommended for cellulite.


2Pressotherapy session 3 Pressotherapy session 5 Pressotherapy session 
 2 Compex electrostimulation3 Compex electrostimulation
 2 Lipolytic laser 2 Lipolytic laser 
  2 LPG High-tecnology treatment 

Fitnnes Activities

9 aquagym / aquatraining*9 aquagym / aquatraining*9 aquagym / aquatraining*
9 Group workout 9 Group workout 9 Group workout 
9 Muscle toning9 Muscle toning9 Muscle toning
1 circuit training1 circuit training1 circuit training
Morning walks (optional)4 Morning walks 5 Morning walks 
 1 Muscle Chains Therapy 2 Muscle Chains Therapy 
 1 Pilates2 Pilates
 1 Yoga2 Yoga
Relaxation  (optional)1 Relaxation 1 Relaxation 

Are you not sure about where to start?

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Medical report on progress made. Nutritional report on body composition, Post-stay nutritional recommendation and physical condition report, with recommended activities and exercise after the stay.

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