About El Palasiet

Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet is located in Benicàssim, Castellón. It was founded in 1970 by Dr. Joaquín Farnós Gauchía who is a pioneer of thalassotherapy in Spain.

In 1863 the engineer Joaquin Coloma Grau was working at the Castellón-Tarragona railroad when he decided that it was the ideal place for his summer villa. Villa Pilar was the name he chose in honor of his wife. Thanks to him new villas began to be built in the area. In 1888 was built the house called Villa Práxedes, popularly known as El Palasiet, in the skirts of Mount Cantallops..

During the inter-war period El Palasiet became a meeting place for the holidaymakers of the Villas, given its wide gardens and lounges and the welcoming character of Doña Práxedes, who in third nuptials marries the Czech citizen Joachim Muller. During the Spanish Civil War the Villas were seized and became part of a sanitary complex. Only the Villa El Palasiet is not requisitioned like the rest as its owner, Mr. Muller was consul of Czechoslovakia. In 1951, the Blanes family, from Alcoy, bought the villa and a few years later, transformed its facilities, adding more rooms and inaugurating the Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet.


In 1970, Dr. Joaquín Farnós Gauchía bought the facilities and changed their use into a hotel specialized in the therapeutic use of the healing virtues of sea water, Thalassotherapy, thus creating the Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet.
In 2002 was completed the renovation of all the facilities, as well as the addition of rooms to a total of 74. Also, the thalassotherapy and medical treatment facilities, which cover an area of 2,500 meters, were expanded. The works are done taking into account the design and original green areas of the house. Also, the remains of the original villa of 1887 were recovered, that today can be seen in the old cafeteria.

Healthy Tourism

From time immemorial people wanted to travel to other places different from their dwellings looking for the health, more benign climate, and the primitive Health Tourism was satisfied by water doses, which took its identity from the XVIII century supported by fundamental factors, advance and scientific interest in developing of more effective therapies to fight against chronicle illnesses, and, on the other hand, the growth of the bourgeoisie class with greater purchasing power.

All the European coasts began filling littoral Cities Resorts, also offering increasingly more sophisticated installations to provide complex treatments of Thalassotherapy based on the water. It is a parallel movement with a realized in the destinies with medicinal waters.

Nowadays, we live in a culture where the society has assumed a new conscience of health, with more preventive character; we encourage a diet based on dietary concepts which improve our nutrition, we know our necessity to have an active and less sedentary life, we eliminate all the harmful habits for our health such as smoking or excessive alcohol drinking, we have a new behavior of Well-being.

The consequence joint to the important medical advances means that the life expectancy of our western society is increasing and it is reaching the levels which have been difficult to achieve some years ago, the born people in the XXI century will reach a life expectancy of more than one hundred years, whereas their ancestors of the XX century had just achieved the age of 45 years old.

Thus, it cannot be confused health tourism where the aim of the holiday or the trip is to realize therapies and specific treatments to improve the health state as well as the establishment like El Palasiet, within the Thalassotherapy, has been realizing an intensive activity since 1970. The health tourism almost offered in every destiny and every competitive establishment based on surroundings and services which encourage healthy behavior such as doing exercises, health nutrition and health style of life.

Precisely, Castellon Coast of Azahar destiny has chosen this attribute to identify itself to attract the increasing number of visitors and foreign residents who choose our area to live and to travel; the Mediterranean diet, the climate, an extraordinary natural surroundings and existing infrastructures make up a competitive base but many aspects have to be improved: the urban surroundings, some of them are degraded, to extend the garden areas, to design new infrastructures and, above all, to encourage everybody’s interest and demand either among the tourists or residents including the businessmen involved into the process of the development of the tourism and the rest of economical areas.

Joaquín Farnós de los Santos
President of Spanish Thalassotherapy Society

Turismo Castellón Costa de Azahar

The most relevant characteristics of the province of Castellon - Coast of Azahar are the contrasts between the littoral and the interior of the country because it extends 120 kilometers from the coast with 88 beautiful and peaceful beaches which are transformed into big plains if we go into the inner part and they finish as wild mountains with different natural parks appropriated for all kind of excursions because Castellon is the second most mountainous province in Spain

The mild climate of Castellón also stands out with soft and warm winters and hot summers where 18º is the average annual temperature and there are 300 sunny days a year.


Year after year different associations visit the Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet for all the benefits reported by thalassotherapy and our experience after 40 years of work in thalassotherapy.

The requirement to form a group is a minimum of 20 people.

More information

Health conditions to be treated with thalassotherapy:

  • Rheumatic treatments: osteoarthritis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, tendonitis
  • Traumatology: neck pain, back pain, lumbago, sciatica
  • Injuries or rehabilitation: non-surgical treatment of injuries, preventive physiotherapy, muscular contractures
  • Dermatology: atopic dermatitis, psoriasis
  • Prevention and well-being: problems of insomnia, fatigue, stress
  • Reduces rheumatic complaints
  • Muscle relaxation and muscles recovery from certain injuries thanks to the presence of iodine
  • Improvement of respiratory or pulmonary problems
  • Thanks to the magnesium it calms anxiety, reducing nervousness or stress
  • Antibiotic properties for healing processes

Some associations that have put their faith in us:

  • AVAFI (Asociación valenciana de afectados por la fibromialgia)
  • AFIFASEN (Asociación de fibromialgia, síndrome de fatiga crónica y sensibilidad química múltiple de Teruel)
  • ACATEMA (Aulas de la tercera edad de Madrid)
  • Jubilados I.N.I de Madrid
  • Jubilados de Colegios Profesionales Madrid
  • Jubilados de Caja Segovia
  • Jubilados Banesto Valencia
  • Jubilados de Cajas Ahorro Valencia