For over fifty years now the Palasiet Thalasso Clinic and Hotel have helped its guests have a healthier life. The Palasiet philosophy maintains that this requires only personal commitment, help and inspiration in order to achieve greater physical and emotional well-being.
The Palasiet is in Benicàssim, surrounded by gardens, flowerbeds and woodland facing the Mediterranean Sea, a very special location, with the magnificent Benicàssim bay in the background, which invites you to a full health and wellness experience.

Doctor Joaquín Farnós, pioneer of functional rehabilitation and thalassotherapy, introduced the use of seawater for therapeutic purposes in Spain in 1963. Today, The Palasiet is the leading center of thalassotherapy in Spain and one of the most prestigious centers in Europe in this modality of health tourism

Palasiet is made up of five pillars on which the Palasiet Philosophy is based: thalassotherapy and natural treatments, medical treatments, nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance. All programs are individually tailored to the needs of each guest.

A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified technical professionals, formed by doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, beauticians, thermal technicians, chefs and cooks, guarantee the correct fulfillment of each treatment program, so that it suits the needs of the guest, making your stay as effective as possible, having the best facilities and an inspiring environment to achieve the renewal of the body, the revitalization of the mind and the restoration of vitality.

Palasiet offers to its clients, both external and stay ones, personalized weight loss programs, therapeutic programs for chronic ailments, detox, fitness and relaxation.


Thalassotherapy is the use of sea water and other elements of the marine environment, such as algae, mud and climate, for therapeutic or preventive purposes, always under medical supervision and applied in facilities suitable for this purpose, by qualified personnel.

The treatments offered by Palasiet achieve muscle relaxation, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that improves muscle and osteo-articular problems and the sedative effect that improves stress situations and favors cell balance, regulating metabolism and maintaining the hydro-mineral balance of our cells. Thus, optimal muscle recovery after physical effort is achieved, dermatological problems also get better and fat loss is encouraged, by increasing basal metabolism.


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The aim is to stimulate and stabilize metabolism. For this reason, Palasiet pays special attention to nutrition, to achieve the optimal state for each person, improving their quality of life and achieving healthy habits that last over time.

In their stay, the guest of the Palasiet assumes how important it is for everybody’s health to eat well and to benefit from the effects that a healthy and adequate diet produces on the organism. Palasiet nutrition follows the principles of the Mediterranean diet that represents much more than a simple nutritional guideline and that is, by its very nature, a rich and healthy diet. The products we use are seasonal and proximity, which satisfy the maximum of their properties, looking for a healthy experience while attractive in aroma, flavor and presentation. It is about eating with quality and attractiveness, but always under the parameters of a healthy intake.


If the guest follows a diet plan, the joint work of the chef and the nutrition specialist allows to offer our guests low-calorie menus, adapted to the needs of each guest, necessary to be able to eliminate extra weight without losing gastronomic quality.

The stay in Palasiet is the beginning of a lasting change and our commitment is to provide guests with all the support and tools to continue their transformation process in their daily lives. During the training period, the guest attends conferences, workshops, cooking classes, the preparation of menus and recipes as well as a personalized follow-up that begins once the stay is over and that favors the life change in their usual environment.



The effect of exercise along with diet and other thalassotherapy techniques and medical treatments is of vital importance in all programs. Our trainings are aimed at improving the basal metabolism, balance, coordination, flexibility, resistance, speed and strength, in a totally personalized way, finding out what type of activity and what intensity level are needed for each guest.

We propose a planned, structured and personalized training towards individual objectives, taking care of the needs of each person. Fitness and cognitive stimulation programs complement the physical and emotional recovery activity of our clients.


The medical-aesthetic department, after analyzing the personal needs of our patients, offers cutting-edge technology treatments, which will help, together with the establishment of new life habits, achieve the objective for which they have come over to the Palasiet.


Inner balance to achieve the goals that change brings about is necessary to meet the challenge. Palasiet helps in the identification of objectives, removing barriers and determining changes in acceptable steps. The multidisciplinary team that makes up Palasiet, as well as a series of techniques and activities that will help in the process, are available for this purpose. Stress management techniques, meditation, relaxation, yoga, and talks with specialists.

The Palasiet Philosophy will allow to get to know the benefits of a Mediterranean and balanced diet, to become familiar with the natural therapies offered by thalassotherapy, to find out what daily exercise we must do to feel good about ourselves and the motivation necessary so that, with all this proposal, we can achieve an optimal state of well-being and guidelines of conduct that will last over time.