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Biomarine Circuit + massage 25min + 1 phlebitic route

Ideal for preparing for a race (to be done a couple of days before). And recommended for recovery after physical activity.


  • Biomarine Circuit: Circuit of up to two hours in seawater pool at body temperature (36º), water beds, cervical jets, lumbar jets, Finnish sauna, vaporarium, Turkish bath and different types of Jacuzzis.
  • 25-minute massage: Choose from abdomen, back or circulation.
  • Phlebitic Route: The Phlebitic Route is a pool of sea water at 26ºC and air bubbles in an endless route, through a technique specially developed for peripheral blood circulation problems and tired legs.

NOTE: the Finnish Sauna, the Vaporarium and the Turkish Bath of the Biomarine Circuit remain closed by the Covid-19.

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