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Kobido Massage


New facial massage of oriental origin

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The “Kobido” massage is a facial massage that combines fast and slow movements to improve the appearance of the skin and health. This massage is a Japanese oriental technique known as “the natural face lift” for both men and women.

What is particular about it? It works the skin awakening its own nutrients, regenerating it at cellular level, penetrating in the second layer of the skin where we recover our own protein enhancing collagen and elastin. Its benefits begin to appear in the short and medium term. It is recommended once a week for 5 weeks.

It is a great ally of beauty since it makes the skin of the face look younger, illuminates the face, reduces bags and dark circles by means of drainage, blurs wrinkles of expression, improving sagging. By improving the facial skull circulation, it eliminates muscular and mental fatigue and also elevates the oval of the face achieving a lifting effect. Delays aging

Utilities: Headaches, migraines, cervicalgias, facial paralysis, bruxism, keloids, and facial aesthetics.

In Japan it is used in large clinics and health and beauty centers approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

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