Specific treatments for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, etc. The well-being to taking care of yourself.


  • 2 medical consultations (at the beginning and at the end of the treatment)
  • 1 study of corporal composition*

Common therapies

  • 6 biomarine circuit sessions
  • 6 phlebitis circuit sessions

Individual therapies

  • 1 massage relaxation 50min.
  • 1 cranio-facial massage 20min.
  • 1 oriental massage Prana y Dara 50min.
  • 1 marine baths-sensation with body hydration
  • 1 facial treatment
  • 1 corporal treatment
  • Curative seawater tonic

Collective therapies: yoga, tai chi, muscle chain stretching classes and hikes with a trainer

*study to determine the percentage of body fat