• Stay 7 nights with full board
  • 6 biomarine circuits: Indoor 36 degrees Centigrade seawater swimming pool, waterbeds, cervical and lumbar water jets, sauna, vaporarium and different types of whirlpool bath) Max 2h
  • 3 sessions of yoga (90 min –morning/afternoon)
  • 2 Techniques et Kerala “Ayurveda” (Centuries-old Hindu holistic technique. Essential oils, herbs and spices are used to achieve a balance of mind and body, unblocking the whole organism to induce a deep state of inner peace.)
    • 1 massage Prana y Dara 60 min.
      • 1 Pindasweda 30min.
  • 1 Ocean Massage (massage to relieve, stress and sensitivity, allowing a deep level of relaxation and easing muscular cramps, using a variety of strokes and techniques surrounded by a warm atmosphere of ocean aromas. 60min.)
  • Acces to hotel’s activities